Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tip for getting rid of Dirt

     model - Aria     photos - Zorian     

   When I shoot outside I get covered with dirt, sand, leaves. sticky burs and junk.  
So does  my camera.

I read, Edward Weston's book, The Day Books, and he recommended 
using a paint brush to get rid of dust, dirt and sand from the camera while shooting.  
This is one of the best tips that I have put into use.  The paint brush gets rid of 
the dirt that clings to the camera and ultimately gets on the memory card and 
inside the camera,  if it is not attended to immediately. 

It is a very simple and cheap cure for this problem.  
I have tried a few brushes and this is what I find works best for me.

The paint brush is:
8.5 inches/215.9mm   Long
1.5 inches/38.1mm  wide
Nylon or synthetic bristles  2.25 inches/57.15mm  long

Bristles should be very springy.  That is what gets rid of the clingy sand and dirt very easily.

If you want the handle to be shorter, to put in a small bag, cut it to fit.  
Personally I like a longer handle so that I can find it easily
 in my camera bag, while shooting.

Warning:  do not use this brush, on the lens glass or on the sensor it will definitely scratch glass. 

This brush is designed to clean the outside of the camera, 
limiting the dirt that tries to get inside the camera.  I always clean the outside of the camera
 before I put the camera back into the camera bag.    

Nail polish - OPI,  Hawaiian Orchid


Leslie Quiros said...

everyday you learn something new.. interesting tip!

- marii said...

good tip! you always need to take care of your cameras :)

Ingrid Deau said...

Thanks for sharing this! ^^

Veronica said...

Interesting tip.... I'll be sure to use it next time I shoot outside.

dimitri said...

It's very interesting. Great post as always.

Karolína Javůrková said...

I follow you...follom me back ....

Laura said...


when BABI speaks said...

very true! I'm doing that too! nice post!


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Wonderful tip. I should get a brush. And I think Weston's dune photography is so beautiful!

Plami said...

What a great tip! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

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