Friday, March 16, 2012


   model - Aria     photos - Zorian     styling - Aria     

Crochet trimmed peasant dress, whimsical Daisy flower crown and a filigree necklace, 
ready and waiting for Spring.
Natural light photos.  Sun light reflected from a building into the shade.  A beautiful location.

   Peasant Dress - vintage,  rings - vintage, ebay,  Daisy Flower crown - La romantica,  
Filigree necklace - La romantica    

Friday, March 9, 2012

Say Hello to Spring Say Goodbye to Bugs

    When Spring arrives, so to do all the flying, crawling, stinging, biting beasts.

Burt’s Bees to the rescue. 

100% Natural Herbal Insect Repellent.  
Castor oil
Rosemary oil
Lemongrass oil
Cedar oil
Peppermint oil
Citronella oil
Clove oil
Geranium oil
Soy bean oil
vitamin  E

I have used this stuff for 10+ years and it works.   It works in the jungle.  
It works in the woods.  It works at the beach.  It works!

When, I do a photo shoot, there is nothing more frustrating than a model 
swatting at flying beasts and frantically slapping mosquitoes while jumping around 
like she’s walking on hot coals.

Burt’s Bees to the Rescue.  This is an oil, not an aerosol spray, so you rub it in like a lotion.  
It smells like lemon oil.  It is all natural.  It is the best.   

Secret - -  Some insects are attracted to the Co2 from exhaling.  
The cure is Lilac Fragrance oil.
Lilac fragrance oil masks the smell of Co2 to insects.  I put a dab of Lilac Fragrance oil 
on my neck and it does the trick.  No more bugs flying up my nose or in my eyes. 

Lilac essential oil is unbelievably expensive.  It is only made in France, 
to the best of my knowledge.

I found this Lilac Fragrance oil on Etsy.  It smells just the way it should, to mask the Co2.  
It is the purest I could find.  I am sure there are others that work as well. 

   photos - Zorian   

   Question:  What is a Natural insect repellant that works?

Answer:  Burt’s Bees Natural Insect Repellent, combined with the Lilac Fragrance oil.  

Natural light photos.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tip for getting rid of Dirt

     model - Aria     photos - Zorian     

   When I shoot outside I get covered with dirt, sand, leaves. sticky burs and junk.  
So does  my camera.

I read, Edward Weston's book, The Day Books, and he recommended 
using a paint brush to get rid of dust, dirt and sand from the camera while shooting.  
This is one of the best tips that I have put into use.  The paint brush gets rid of 
the dirt that clings to the camera and ultimately gets on the memory card and 
inside the camera,  if it is not attended to immediately. 

It is a very simple and cheap cure for this problem.  
I have tried a few brushes and this is what I find works best for me.

The paint brush is:
8.5 inches/215.9mm   Long
1.5 inches/38.1mm  wide
Nylon or synthetic bristles  2.25 inches/57.15mm  long

Bristles should be very springy.  That is what gets rid of the clingy sand and dirt very easily.

If you want the handle to be shorter, to put in a small bag, cut it to fit.  
Personally I like a longer handle so that I can find it easily
 in my camera bag, while shooting.

Warning:  do not use this brush, on the lens glass or on the sensor it will definitely scratch glass. 

This brush is designed to clean the outside of the camera, 
limiting the dirt that tries to get inside the camera.  I always clean the outside of the camera
 before I put the camera back into the camera bag.    

Nail polish - OPI,  Hawaiian Orchid

Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Blogger

     When I found a blogger that makes me smile    : )    
every time I look at her blog  . . .
and does it in knee high snow, 
at -25 degrees C,
I felt the need to share this with all. 

She is Magic,  the undefinable quality!

Zorian xoxo

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink Bustier

     model - Aria   photos - Zorian   styling - Aria     

   Natural light photos.  I used direct hard sunlight.   
This gives a crisp, detailed look to the bustier.  

Bustier - vintage,  Tuxedo tails jacket - vintage, Top hat and gloves - vintage, 
Velvet shorts - vintage,  Hosiery - Ebay,  Crystal doorknob cane - vintage, 
Victorian boots - Pleaser,  Sunnies - Hi Tek Alexander on Ebay.   


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beauty Test Carlotta

     model - Carlotta     photo - Zorian     make up, styling - Aria     

Natural light in the dappled shade.   
This is one of my favorite ways to shoot beauty.  I love the highlights and the shadows. 
This kind of light, always makes the models skin look wonderful. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreams of the Sea

     model - Aria   photos - Zorian   styling - Aria     

Longing for the warm breezes  of the sun kissed summer days.

Natural light photos.

   Silk top - vintage, Crepe de chine skirt - vintage,  Necklace - vintage.   

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be My Valentine ♡

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian     styling - Aria   

   I love hard searing natural light.  It is perfect if you want vibrant colors, 
sparkling fabric and porcelain skin.    

   Antique Victorian Riding Hat - Antique, Velvet Victorian jacket - Vintage, 
Origami Rose Bustier - Vintage, Red Tulle Crinoline - Vintage,
Leather Gloves - Vintage, Tights - Ebay, 
Victorian Boots - Pleaser,   Sunnies - Hi Tek Alexander - Ebay  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Neptune in Pisces

   photos - Zorian  

  On February 4, 2012, the planet Neptune moved into the zodiac sign of Pisces.  
This configuration will last until 2025.  This is a very rare occurrence.   
It only happens every 150-160  years. 

I believe that this period will be one of the most creative, artistic, and inspirational periods 
in the next 150 years.   This period will be a rediscovery of the classical arts, 
combined with contemporary thinking.

I choose to call it the,  New Renaissance.  

The  Renaissance, 1400-1650, was triggered by the invention of the printing press. 
Printed books made the transfer of knowledge easy.

In this,  New Renaissance, with the advent of the net and the right astrological  configuration, 
Neptune in Pisces, I believe that there will be an explosion of creativity.  
For the fist time in history, all peoples from all over the planet, 
will be able to share thoughts and ideas, creating an artistic collective consciousness,  
the world has never known. 

In commemoration of this moment, Aria, found this beautiful, 
fine solid silver Neptune Pisces, cuff, bracelet, as a present to me. 

I photographed the bracelet in a salt water aquarium that belonged to a friend.  
Lighting from the fish tank and natural window light combined 
to create this beautiful effect.   
The most important element in the photos, was patience. 

Fine Silver Neptune Pisces cuff - by,  Funky Bracelets on Etsy

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Little Pony

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian     styling - Aria   

   Beautiful flower crown, antique carousel horse, gothic cross, vintage victorian dress, 
what else is there.   

Evander Preston Jewelry, graciously loaned us this antique horse for the shoot. 
Because of the weight of the horse,   we had to put it on a dolly and 
wheel it down the middle of the street to the location, 2 blocks away.   
Then 4 people lifted it on top of an old wooden picnic table and we bolted it down 
to keep the horse and Aria, safe.

Aria, loved this shoot.  She felt like a princess.

Natural light photos, photographed in the golden hour.    

Carousel horse - Evander Preston Jewelry,  Victorian dress - vintage,  
Flower crown and gothic cross - courtesy of La Romantica  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

   styling - Aria     photo - Zorian   

Osis Dust it.

This amazing magic powder works wonders.  Flat hair, curly hair, unruly hair, long hair, short hair,  
All beaten into submission with  a sprinkling of this potent stuff.
It’s like a Fairy Godmother in a bottle.

Aria, youtubed, how to use it, when she first got it.  Everybody wants to make this very complex.   Aria, found that it is really quite simple.  She has super long hair down to her butt. 
She found that all you have to do is, sprinkle a little into the palm of your hand, 
take some in your finger tips and put it where you need it.   Hair is magically whipped into shape.

Got to try it.  You won’t believe how well it works.   50mL is about the size of a lipstick tube.  
This convenient size makes it easy to carry with you everywhere, for quick touch ups.  
A little bit goes along way.   
Goodbye,  bad hair days.

   Photographed, outside in a natural light tent.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walking by the Sea

   model - Carlotta     photos - Zorian   

   Beautiful natural light by the sea.   Pure magic.   

Feather suit - Le tarte, Crochet skirt - Anna Kasturova, Crochet shawl - Anna Kosturova,  
Turquoise suit - Ondade Mar,  Turquoise skirt - Le tarte,  
All suimwear courtesy of  Dody’s Beach Boutique.    
Bag - Vintage  Jacqueline Ferrar,  Jewelry - Courtesy of La Romantica.   

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Filigree Bracelet and Ring Set

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian   

   Light is the key element in Photography.  I love natural light.  
I have used small flash, strobes, and HMI’s.    But, I keep coming back to natural light. 

I try and find the correct location, at the right time of day, at the perfect moment. 

Voila, Magic! 

I love to  KISS *  my photographs.     * Keep It  Simple Stupid. *

I find that the less equipment that I am using the more I can concentrate on the task at hand,   
Making Magic.  

Extraordinary Jewelry by - La Romantica 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter wonderland

     model - Aria     photo - Zorian         

Natural light photo, shot in color, then converted to B+W
in Lightroom and Photoshop.

  Scarf - Ralph Lauren,  sunnies - vintage 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter at the Beach

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian   

 Wondering the beach, searching for sea treasures, late on a warm sunny winters afternoon,
is a time of peace and solitude.   Always, finding amazing treasures while enjoying the 
warmth of the golden sun, that is my Nirvana.

Photographed, natural light, just before sunset.  

Gap sweater - vintage,   Versace jeans - vintage,  Jewelry - vintage and Ebay,   Tan leather backpack - vintage,   Coyote tail - Ebay.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Between Times

     model - Aria     photos - Zorian   

The ancient Druids called fog,  “In Between Times”.  I believe, what they meant was,
a time that was magical and all things were possible. 

Aria and I were at the beach on New Year’s Eve, awaiting the sun set on the final day of 2011.   
Every thing was normal and suddenly . . .

This bank of fog came rolling in from the north-west, across the water.  Just there and no where else.  It was pure magic, surreal, very Stephen King ish.   It was blue sky everywhere else, except
over the water in this one area,  thick rolling magical Fog.  

The pictures that are here are a 10 minute period and then we were surrounded by thick fog.  
I used a Sony DSC W350 that I carry in my backpack.  All natural light.

floral dress - vintage,  bag - Brio