Monday, January 30, 2012

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

   styling - Aria     photo - Zorian   

Osis Dust it.

This amazing magic powder works wonders.  Flat hair, curly hair, unruly hair, long hair, short hair,  
All beaten into submission with  a sprinkling of this potent stuff.
It’s like a Fairy Godmother in a bottle.

Aria, youtubed, how to use it, when she first got it.  Everybody wants to make this very complex.   Aria, found that it is really quite simple.  She has super long hair down to her butt. 
She found that all you have to do is, sprinkle a little into the palm of your hand, 
take some in your finger tips and put it where you need it.   Hair is magically whipped into shape.

Got to try it.  You won’t believe how well it works.   50mL is about the size of a lipstick tube.  
This convenient size makes it easy to carry with you everywhere, for quick touch ups.  
A little bit goes along way.   
Goodbye,  bad hair days.

   Photographed, outside in a natural light tent.  


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My hairdresser sells this product, might buy it next time I get there. Sounds good!

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Fabulous for you ladies! what a post


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It is so interesting! Thanks for the info!

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