Monday, December 12, 2011

Black on Black Matte Nails French Tip

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian   

I was Google ing  around Halloween,  for black polish and I saw how beautiful the black matte polishes looked.  But,  most bloggers said,  the mattes all seemed to chip easily and did not wear well.   Question,  What chips first on Nails,  Answer, the tip. 
So, Tip them!   Sally to the rescue.  Sally Hanson hard as what?  Nails. 

Aria and I found, Zoya Matte Velvet lacquer, Dovima/Mat  ZP499, for the black matte.
Apply,  3-4 coats with no base coat underneath.  The Zoya matte dries very quickly.  
With a steady hand, tip the Nails,  (one coat) of Sally Hansen’s. Black Heart 880. 
No top coat, it will kill the matte finish of the matte.    Voila!  Black on Black, Sexiness!

Testing out our new mani, we decided to try a place called “Chill”.  Chill and Steam are 2  restaurants, with separate entrances,  in one spot.  Steam,  is a  coffee shop.  Chill, is a tapas Restaurant.  We were thirsty and hungry, so we decided to to have Cappuccinos and desert . . . . . Bananas Foster to be precise. 
“Bananas Foster”,  Bananas flambeed in spiced rum, real butter, and dark brown sugar, laid  over a perfect crape, with ice cream drizzled over warm bananas.     Mmmmmmm.

Dress - vintage, Rose Ring - La Romantica,  nails by - Aria

Monday, December 5, 2011

Yellow Rose Flower Crown

   model - Lilly     photos - Zorian    styling, hair, makeup - Aria  

   Once upon a time lived a fair Princess most beautiful and charming. . .   Lilly.

When I shoot natural light the most important thing is to find a magical location.    I look for a 
place where the light is beautiful and then adjust my lens choice to fit the subject and the 
Location scouting is one of the most important and least understood things that a photographer 
must learn.  Finding a magical location that will fit my needs, for at particular shoot,  requires preparation.  

Your camera phone or small digital camera is all you need and you can easily make up a 
location book of fabulous spots.
Shoot lots of photos of places you like, print them out and put them in a book.  
Remember,to take notes on  time of day and season of the year.
Now, when you are ready to shoot and you need the right location,  you already have the
Perfect Magical Place.

   Rose Flower Crown  by -  La Romantica,  Necklace - vintage,  Lace top by - Aria