Monday, December 5, 2011

Yellow Rose Flower Crown

   model - Lilly     photos - Zorian    styling, hair, makeup - Aria  

   Once upon a time lived a fair Princess most beautiful and charming. . .   Lilly.

When I shoot natural light the most important thing is to find a magical location.    I look for a 
place where the light is beautiful and then adjust my lens choice to fit the subject and the 
Location scouting is one of the most important and least understood things that a photographer 
must learn.  Finding a magical location that will fit my needs, for at particular shoot,  requires preparation.  

Your camera phone or small digital camera is all you need and you can easily make up a 
location book of fabulous spots.
Shoot lots of photos of places you like, print them out and put them in a book.  
Remember,to take notes on  time of day and season of the year.
Now, when you are ready to shoot and you need the right location,  you already have the
Perfect Magical Place.

   Rose Flower Crown  by -  La Romantica,  Necklace - vintage,  Lace top by - Aria  


Kassi said...

These are gorgeous. That yellow just jumps right off of the screen! :)

Lyosha said...

oh, my! so innocent, so pretty! perfect!

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Martoszka said...

great !
she look beautiful !

Daisy said...

it looks so smooth, really like it! Great work!

t said...

Nice pics!

Jen Umm said...

I am following you now via bloglovin.
I look forward to reading your future posts :)

.sabo skirt. said...

wow! so gorgeous!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Susan said...

very lovely, love the light and color. you are the master!

Nikki said...

I love your photos! All of the are wonderful!
hugs, Nikki <3

Joanna S. said...

she is so lovely :)
gorgeous photos ! :)

Leticia said...

such romantic dreamy pictures! i love that floral headpiece. beautiful shots. peace

rouli said...

so sweet:)


amalia said...

Ahhh amazing pics!

Check my Blog
and on-line store !! :)

Tesa said...

so beautiful!

Polly said...

She is so beautiful! Great photos!


Erika said...

beautiful !


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Vel said...

Those are great tips!! and the pictures really look so magical ^^
will fallow you too, cant wait to see more of your great work!

Kendra Alexandra said...

You blog is amazing, really inspiring!
I love the images you post and will definitely
have to go back through your older posts now :)

Hope you can check my blog out since I follow you on Bloglovin' now!


Ariadna said...

Oh! Very nice and cute photos :)

hannahalehandra said...

I love Lilly's rose crown! Great photography as usual, Zorian :)

Erika said...

thank you for comment! I wait u again

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Constance said...



Stella said...

Nice pictures!

marie hamm. said...

beautiful images.
so ethereal and goddess like.
so stunning.


Rosa Fay said...

I can find no fault with these shots. Everything about them is enchanting! And the lighting in particular is perfect.

Your quite right about setting. There are so many wonderful places but I never thought about properly documenting them. Will definitely start doing this!

felix said...

wow such beautiful eyes!! unbelievable