Thursday, September 30, 2010

Armani Shirt

  Vintage shops and thrift stores...Oh how we love them!  A vintage shop is full of vintage treasures, hand picked pieces that may or may not tickle your fancy. A thrift store is full of stuff. 
A cornucopia of things, any thing.  Some old, some new. You never know what you might
find and sometimes when the Thrift Gods smile upon you, you find a gem. 
That diamond in the rough,  “ I can’t believe I just found a .................... treasure”.

This vintage silk Armani blouse is one of those thrift store treasures. Rescued from a thrift store 
and relocated to Aria’s closet. This thrifted treasure makes her smile every time she wears it.  

  model - Aria     photos - Zorian 

Pic 1-2  Thrifted Armani blouse. Levi jeans. Vintage Coach bag. Vintage jewelry, sunnies and hat. 

Pic 3-4  Thrifted Armani blouse. Vintage lucky cutoffs ( with 4 leaf clover exposed pockets :) 
Vintage sunnies. Report Signature oxfords. Vintage lace vest. 

Pic 5  Thrifted Armani blouse. Vintage Le Gambi’s. Vintage jewelry, sunnies and bag. 

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Annushka said...

I Love this Stale!!!))) I love this style!!!)))
Super Vintage!!!)))