Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink Bustier

     model - Aria   photos - Zorian   styling - Aria     

   Natural light photos.  I used direct hard sunlight.   
This gives a crisp, detailed look to the bustier.  

Bustier - vintage,  Tuxedo tails jacket - vintage, Top hat and gloves - vintage, 
Velvet shorts - vintage,  Hosiery - Ebay,  Crystal doorknob cane - vintage, 
Victorian boots - Pleaser,  Sunnies - Hi Tek Alexander on Ebay.   


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beauty Test Carlotta

     model - Carlotta     photo - Zorian     make up, styling - Aria     

Natural light in the dappled shade.   
This is one of my favorite ways to shoot beauty.  I love the highlights and the shadows. 
This kind of light, always makes the models skin look wonderful. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreams of the Sea

     model - Aria   photos - Zorian   styling - Aria     

Longing for the warm breezes  of the sun kissed summer days.

Natural light photos.

   Silk top - vintage, Crepe de chine skirt - vintage,  Necklace - vintage.   

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be My Valentine ♡

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian     styling - Aria   

   I love hard searing natural light.  It is perfect if you want vibrant colors, 
sparkling fabric and porcelain skin.    

   Antique Victorian Riding Hat - Antique, Velvet Victorian jacket - Vintage, 
Origami Rose Bustier - Vintage, Red Tulle Crinoline - Vintage,
Leather Gloves - Vintage, Tights - Ebay, 
Victorian Boots - Pleaser,   Sunnies - Hi Tek Alexander - Ebay  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Neptune in Pisces

   photos - Zorian  

  On February 4, 2012, the planet Neptune moved into the zodiac sign of Pisces.  
This configuration will last until 2025.  This is a very rare occurrence.   
It only happens every 150-160  years. 

I believe that this period will be one of the most creative, artistic, and inspirational periods 
in the next 150 years.   This period will be a rediscovery of the classical arts, 
combined with contemporary thinking.

I choose to call it the,  New Renaissance.  

The  Renaissance, 1400-1650, was triggered by the invention of the printing press. 
Printed books made the transfer of knowledge easy.

In this,  New Renaissance, with the advent of the net and the right astrological  configuration, 
Neptune in Pisces, I believe that there will be an explosion of creativity.  
For the fist time in history, all peoples from all over the planet, 
will be able to share thoughts and ideas, creating an artistic collective consciousness,  
the world has never known. 

In commemoration of this moment, Aria, found this beautiful, 
fine solid silver Neptune Pisces, cuff, bracelet, as a present to me. 

I photographed the bracelet in a salt water aquarium that belonged to a friend.  
Lighting from the fish tank and natural window light combined 
to create this beautiful effect.   
The most important element in the photos, was patience. 

Fine Silver Neptune Pisces cuff - by,  Funky Bracelets on Etsy

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Little Pony

   model - Aria     photos - Zorian     styling - Aria   

   Beautiful flower crown, antique carousel horse, gothic cross, vintage victorian dress, 
what else is there.   

Evander Preston Jewelry, graciously loaned us this antique horse for the shoot. 
Because of the weight of the horse,   we had to put it on a dolly and 
wheel it down the middle of the street to the location, 2 blocks away.   
Then 4 people lifted it on top of an old wooden picnic table and we bolted it down 
to keep the horse and Aria, safe.

Aria, loved this shoot.  She felt like a princess.

Natural light photos, photographed in the golden hour.    

Carousel horse - Evander Preston Jewelry,  Victorian dress - vintage,  
Flower crown and gothic cross - courtesy of La Romantica